The CARL BARKS FAN CLUB has been formed to help preserve Carl Barks‘ legacy of stories and artwork for future generations and to promote that legacy to an ever-widening global audience!

Re: the Donald Duck European Museum Art Exhibition, COBRA is an acronym of sorts standing for "Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam"! The Amsterdam exhibition of the Art of Donald Duck began on April 24 and currently runs through August 29.No less than the world-famous artist, Gottfried Helnwein, who has created many Donald Duck paintings himself, has this to say in the COBRA exhibition catalogue re: his first contact with Donald during his grim experience of growing up in post war Austria: "There was only one thing I was certain of: that this was an alien world in whose merciless embrace I was now caught...until one day when my father returned from his office (and) placed a parcel wrapped in brown paper before me...Opening my first Donald Duck comic book felt like seeing the daylight again for someone who had been trapped underground by a mine-disaster for many days. I blinked carefully because my eyes hadn't gotten used to the dazzlingly bright sun of Duckburg yet, and I greedily sucked the fresh breeze in to my dusty lungs that came drifting over from Uncle Scrooge's money bin. I was back home again (and I am forever indebted to) Walt Disney's most important partner... the ingenious artist and poet, Carl Barks, founder of Duckburg. (For) it was in Disney's workshops, Where Carl Barks was able to
create the prototype of the new ideal man: Donald Duck. Donald is the proclamation of a new era. He is no longer a copy of the so-called reality or another imitation of the Greek model, but a creation in the true sense of the word. "A ‘creation ex nihilo’" (a creation out of nothing)!

CARL BARKS is the essential reason that Donald's well deserved popularity continues unabated to this day!